About Me

It is probably past time I started putting my thoughts down on a solid canvas. I have so many thoughts running through my head at any point of any day so now you get to hear about them. (Lucky you, right?)

A short introduction to me? I live in Northern Virginia. This is where I have resided my entire life, besides the five years I spent in Morgantown, WV for college (yea four didn’t seem like enough and seven would have been Van Wilderish). I have a bunch of friends from high school that I hangout with still – take that in any way you want. I feel we are close knit.

I have an OK job in Washington D. C. but writing and trying to tap into my creative side are really where I find my passions lying these days. I am single and in my mid twenties – not really looking for a relationship but I probably couldn’t handle one if I had the chance. (I couldn’t hold together two pieces of bread to eat a sandwich let a lone two people for a relationship)

I am also a very critical person, which is why I am lending my services to the public in the form of film, television, and food critiques. I consider myself an aficionado on all three of the subjects even though I am sure you will let me know I am oblivious.  Some say I have a royal pallet, an indie eye for motion cinema, and that I am the songbird of our generation…but you can decide for yourself. One thing that is for sure; I am never satisfied.

Feel free to email me questions, comments, or ideas for restaurants/shows/films you would like me to check out at Neversatisfied1087@gmail.com. Also, Enjoy! Only if you want though, this is America after all.


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